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What you need to think of when you develop a product

What you need to think of when you develop a product.


There are few thinks you need to have in your mind when you develop a product.

Personally I think it’s important that it works well and looks good.

But there are many key point for creating a product that is good in all aspects.

The key points are:

Functionality- it must do what it was created for

Design- I believe it must look/feel good

Assembly- the product must be easy to assemble to lower production cost and manpower.

Manufacturing – you must be able to produce it in a smart easy way.

Material choice – I believe it’s important to find the best material combination that covers appearance/quality/function/eco-friendly material

Packaging- the product should be easy to ship and not take unnecessary space. And if you use a website store make sure that the package is optimized for shipping and storing.


The challenge is to combine all this key points in to the product.

For example I will talk about Stick it and how it was created.

The idea took shape when my mother was facetiming with my fiancé and she was cooking at the same time. She got very enjoyed when she had to take a brake and couldn’t work at the same time. Then she asked me to find a product that solves the issue. I found mobile case that had the Nano technology but the problem was she didn’t want the function all the time and when you carry the case around it would collect dust and loses its function. And to reactivate the Nano material you have to take the case off and wash it with water……Not practical. So I made a product that solves her issues mixed with practicality and she loved it!

Then a company asked me to produce it so they can sell it, so I changed the design for mass production.


To make the product functional I made this points rotatable so the user can form the stick it how they want. Also at the lower part I made a hole so you can charge your phone at the same time.


I this case the design was made by the color choice and shape. The appearance was mainly shaped by the function. I think Black on black is a beautiful combination.


Purpose is to make it easy to assemble and hard to assemble wrong:

Assemble of the Nano material:

To make sure that the text is in the correct position I designed a half moon so it only can be assembled in one way.

This was made so you easy put the nut in the carrier and then slide it in the main body. this would hold the nut when you screw in the side.


All the parts are designed for manufacturing and to go through everything is too much for this post.

I will make a special post only to go through the manufacturing design.

Material choice:

To make the product in high quality we choose ABS plastic. Batch two will be made by recycled ABS.

Read more about ABS here:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Acrylonitrile_butadiene_styrene


To make the shipping easy and cheap we had this requirement from the post office.

To save cost we wanted to ship the product in the cheapest way possible. So the packaging is not bigger than an envelope and it fits in all postboxes.

We also wanted to stay under 200 grams total including the padded envelop.


This is a quick briefing on what to think off when you design your product.


If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us or just comment on the post.

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