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How you know your idea is a good idea

How to go from idea to finished product first post

This is the first blog post about “how to go from idea to finished product”.

I will try to share my experience and hopefully help you on your journey. My goal is to help you go from idea to finish product with no money.

A short intro about me,

I started developing products as a kid in my room, I developed everything I wanted to have. I studied in a University in Sweden and I have a degree in mechanical engineering “product development and design”. I started my business directly after the university with no clue on what I was doing. Didn’t have any money so I moved back home to my parents’ house and stared form my room. I didn’t have any guidance so I started reading many books about business and marketing. I tested many things and I Did a lot of failures. After 4 years I finally got my first product to the market with almost no money developing it and selling it.


This post I will talk about how you know your idea is wort developing and to save you from doing mistakes.

So let’s dig in!

The main issue with developing a product is giving customer value. Understand that not all ideas are good ideas.

Your product must solve an issue that many costumers have at a reasonable price. No one will pay 1000 dollars for a mobile caste that protects you phone (exception for wealthy oil shake that what’s to show off).

And no one will buy anything that doesn’t give value in their life.

I’m talking about product development in general.

So the first questions you need to answer is, what problem does you product solve and how many have that problem?

The second question you need to ask yourself is what products does already exist and why is your idea better?

Interview potential customers on what they think off the current problem and if they have a product already that solves it, ask them what is good with that product and what is bad.

This is a very good start before you develop your product, you will have a good understanding on what the problem is and what your product must contain to solve the current issue.


Continue on doing the market research until you feel you have enjoy understanding on the problem.

On the next post I will talk about what you need to think of when you develop a product.


I hope this gave you some value and share it to people you think this can help.

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