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We help you go from idea to finished product ready to sell

We always adapt to customers needs on every project.
We can help you with some segments or develop a complete project.
What we offer:
Concept development
Product development
Rendering (digital images)
Sourcing (finding suppliers)
Quality Control

About us

We love helping our customers develop and create the next generation products. We are passionate about creating beautiful, functional products that gives value in people’s lives and makes a difference.

Concept development

Before starting the project we make an analysis and background research of the problems to understand what the product will solve. Then we start with the concept phase where we sketch down all our ideas on how to create a beautiful product idea that solves the problem.

Product development

We always strive to find the best solution. We prioritize the product requirements to set a direction for the development.  We test different solutions until we find the optimum between design, function, cost price, production and assembly


Prototyping helps us to verify the solution before ordering any tools. This gives us a quick feedback and a feeling on how it will work

Rendering images

We help our customers provide high quality rendering images to give a feeling on the finished product. Here our customers can experiment with colors and textures in order to find the perfect combination. The images can be used for websites and for marketing


We help our customers find and maintain a dialog with suppliers to ensure high quality and a cost efficient productions

Quality control

We always make a quality control to ensure that the products have high quality. The customer always approve the quality before production. We make a quality control before, during and after the production

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Design, Function and Cost Efficient

We are passionate about creating beautiful products

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